I have been working as a healer for over 25 years. I am known mostly as a crystal healer, and I nearly always use crystals in healing.

I also use shamanic healing practices, including ancestral work, blessing ceremony, cleansing, purification and extraction, cord cutting, power animal and spirit helper retrieval. I work with drum, rattle, feathers, songs, herbs, plants, and of course crystals, crystal essences and lots of love. All my healing is spirit-led.

I work with hands-on/spiritual healing/channeled healing/reiki - whatever you want to call it - deep listening, mentoring and lots more. If you book a treatment you get a unique Sue Weaver Healing with whatever is appropriate for you at the time.

People often ask about past life therapy. In my experience, if the time is right for past life information to be revealed and healed it will become apparent during the session once the healing space is created. If this happens it will be dealt with, but I do not specifically focus on seeking past lives.

If you are unable to come to me here in Cornwall, I offer distance healing sessions. I also create beautiful personal healing mandalas, crystal essences and healing jewellery and you can purchase beautiful, handpicked crystals to support your healing journey from my shop. 

You can read more about the different therapies below. You can also read about crystal properties for self help and find out how to learn crystal healing.

I am not currently taking on new healing clients.