We are alive during an exciting time - a time of awakening consciousness.

Many women are waking up to the need for change - change in their own lives, and change in the ways we live together and organise our societies on Mother Earth. These are not separate. The loss of understanding, respect and love for the Divine Feminine has profoundly damaged both women and the Earth . . . and men too! It is time to bring the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine back into balance, so they can work together in harmony within each one of us, and in all groups, organisations and societies, to create new life-affirming ways of living.



Rebalance the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine to heal mother earth


Sometimes, awakening to 'negative things' can be the gift that initiates change.


Realising that even after all these years, few women are in 'positions of power' and however hard we work, women still earn much less than men.

Realising that we can never match the 'ideal' of the surgically enhanced, starved, shaved, plucked, preened and airbrushed images of woman, and that many women experience ridicule and shaming when we 'fail' or reject these 'ideals'.

Becoming pregnant and finding that no one believes in our inherent ability to give birth, and that we are expected to give ourselves up to a production belt model of baby extraction.

Leaving motherhood until after we have established a career and secure material lifestyle, by completely suppressing our natural hormonal rhythms, only to find that we are infertile.

Finding the promise that we could 'have it all' was a lie, as we rush from place to place, trying to be all things to all people and feeling that we have lost ourselves. 

Realising that we may not want to leave our babies to be raised by others, so that we can get back to the 'real' world of work that is based on an unsustainable, Earth-destroying model.

Looking around at other women who manage to maintain a facade of coping, and comparing ourselves unfavourably, without realising that they might be looking at us and doing the same.

Feeling lost, lonely, isolated and separate from other women.

Realising that so many more of our children are affected by asthma, allergies and autism than ever were in previous generations, and wondering what happened.

Feeling invisible as an older woman.

Knowing that many of the outward trappings of success have been produced by women who are so much worse off than we are and working in dreadful conditions.

Finding that even if it seems that we do 'have it all', we still feel lost and empty, and that there must be more to life.

Realising that the way we are living, and the 'success' we are meant to aspire to, is making us, and Mother Earth, sick.

Being scared for the future of our children and grandchildren.


When we realise that we aren't getting it wrong - we aren't wrong - the story is wrong - we can begin to look within and trust ourselves, and then make the changes we need. 

As we wake up we re-evaluate the stories we have grown up with - stories that do not understand or value the true feminine; stories of competition between women; stories based on assumptions of dependence; stories that lie about the power and beauty of our bodies; stories of the value of being productive units in a greedy, cruel and destructive world.

We can begin to remember the truth of the Sacred Feminine and create our own stories. We can bring the qualities of slowness, gentleness, nurture and compassion into our daily lives, joining with other women in loving and supportive sisterhood and encouraging our daughters to be themselves - healthy, beautiful, natural, unique - while protecting them from lies, limitation and exploitation. We can make different choices to stop the exploitation of our sisters in other lands and to halt the destruction of  our Earth Mother who gives us everything we need.




become your wild and sacred self, and birth a new world-changing story



We all need to awaken and make changes in how we live. The changes that are needed are radical and far-reaching, but they aren't difficult. We have all the technology that we need. What we don't have yet is a belief and value system that puts our vast intelligence in service to the greater good of all. We have been so caught up in what we can do and what we can have that we haven't stopped to ask if we should.

The good news is that it is really obvious. We need to find ways to live together with our fellow humans, animals, plants, minerals and Mother Earth herself, that is sustainable and honours the sacred within everything. This is so obvious that it is hard to see how we could have forgotten. Forgetting comes with disconnection. Disconnection comes from so many sources, but it is kept in place by being frantically and overwhelmingly busy, permanently distracted, rushing around and being in our heads.

As women, we have the wisdom of our wombs to pull us back to our true rhythm and connectedness, and as we reconnect with our inner power we will change the world.




join hands and hearts with your sisters and dream a new dream





A time to sit with other women in a loving, supportive environment

Share ways to come back to our true Divine and Sacred Woman selves

A time to step away from all your many roles and just be yourself. A time to be still and gentle with yourself. A time to sit with women in an old way, to reconnecting with your natural inner rhythm and remembering the truth of who you are.

All women past first bleeding are welcome, and no one is too old.

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