Hello. I'm Sue Weaver. I'm a mother, grandmother, elder, healer, teacher, mentor, ceremonialist and celebrant, 'the crystal lady', founder of Cornwall School of Crystal Healing, lover of trees, flowers, rivers and crystals, dedicated to the Sacred Feminine and the Path of Beauty.

I’ve been resting lately. After many years it was time to review my life and my work - to look at what was a good use of my energy and what makes my heart sing in this stage of my life.

I’ve stayed close to home, transforming my healing room and crystal barn and developing new spaces on the land. I’ve also been gathering support and quietly working on this and our Heaven & Earth Community websites and, little by little, more pages will become available.

In small ways you can come into my healing hearth, have a cup of tea, rest awhile and dream. Step away from the busyness of life and remember who you are. Awaken your wild and gentle heart, remember your creative power and begin to live your soul's purpose more fully.

After a break, new Crystal Courses are planned for 2019. We also have occasional Crystal Open Days in the Crystal Barn at my home, and Sue Weaver’s Crystal Barn Online events when you can purchase beautiful, individually selected crystals and finally - the Sue’s Crystal Shop is opening here. Please check the diary for dates.


I've been supporting people for many years, with a mix of deep listening, crystal and shamanic healing therapies, teachings and 'techniques' that have developed into my own unique blend of work. My intention is to help you to find healing and contentment and to be the best that you can be - awakening, inspiring, motivating and empowering you to grow, transform and find balance in your personal, spiritual and working life - so that from a place of beauty and wholeness you can offer your gifts and talents for the benefit of all.



supporting you to be the best that you can be




I love working co-operatively with others, combining our gifts and talents. I work with Lu Wray as part of Walk in Beauty Shamanism and with Marcus Mason on Heaven & Earth Community projects, including workshops, ceremonies and sacred journeys and our new Healing Earth project.

I’m happy when I can be in dirty dungarees weeding my garden, walking my lurcher,  picking up fallen wood beneath the old oak trees, mucking out chickens. This provides the perfect balance for the high frequency crystal energies and the shamanic work . . . and the green heals me and feeds my soul.

We have begun to open my hearth space to more people, to enable the healing that naturally occurs when we reconnect with nature. The Healing Earth Project is in its early stages, but we are now welcoming people to volunteer to work with us as we develop the vision.