I  love to teach people about crystals and crystal healing and how to bring the energy frequencies of the mineral kingdom into daily life. My teaching is based on years of practical experience as a healer with over 20 years of teaching people about crystals. I am a fully trained teacher in a 'normal world' sense. This is relevant, since knowledge of a subject and the ability to teach it are two completely different skills. 



I founded Cornwall School of Crystal Healing (CSCH) in 1996, following many requests, to offer workshops, classes and training in crystal healing that are both inspirational and grounded. Since then I have been honoured to introduce many hundreds of people to the world of crystals and crystal healing. 

You can choose from introductory talks and workshops to a fully accredited professional healer training course. Also on offer are days and weekends on a variety of crystal and crystal healing related topics and crystal immersion retreats where you can bathe yourself in the blissful crystal energy.

The professional healer training course meets the original training standards of The Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations, which has been the lead body for crystal healing within UK since 1988.

I have asked students to write about working with me, as it is often really useful to hear their experiences. They can tell you what it is like to be a student; I can only tell you what I aim to do!

Lower down on this page, you can read what students have to say about studying with CSCH.




Introductory days and evening classes take place at the School and at venues throughout Cornwall and Devon (and occasionally further afield).

These courses and workshops are suitable for complete beginners; for those who have been reading about crystals but need reliable, grounded, information; for therapists in other disciplines who would like to introduce crystals into their work.

I teach simple techniques using crystals for relaxation, meditation, self-healing and healing with friends and family.

I also offer workshops on specific crystal-related topics. We also have days for students and ex-students to meet for exploration and support. Please scroll down to see what’s on offer.




This course is the first part of the ACHO accredited Diploma in Crystal Healing and leads on to parts 2 and 3.

It can also be taken as a stand alone course and, upon completion of the required homework, you will receive a Basic Certificate in Crystal Healing from Cornwall School of Crystal Healing.

The course is also suitable as CPD for practitioners of other therapies.

It is suitable for anyone. You do not need to have attended an introductory course. This course has five teaching days over two weekends, and provides a thorough grounding in the theory and practice of Crystal Healing. It is the beginning of a personal journey of spiritual awakening and growth that will enable you both to work competently for self healing and with friends and family and also prepare you for the next part of the full Crystal Healer Training.

The course includes:

  • Understanding energy and different theories of health and healing

  • Managing your own energy field and spaces - clearing, grounding, aligning and protecting

  • Basic geology - crystal formation, composition, structure, hardness, toxicity, etc

  • Choosing, clearing, charging, dedicating and programming crystals

  • Developing your sensitivity to subtle energies

  • Different ways of attuning to crystals or connecting with crystalline consciousness

  • Basic understanding of the human energy system - aura and 7 chakras

  • Basic crystal healing applications including Aura Cleanse and Balance, Laying on of Stones, Chakra Balance, Simple Crystal Gridwork

  • Basic practical and ethical responsibilities of being a healer




FEE: £400 (EARLY BIRD: £350)


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This course is the second part of the ACHO accredited Diploma in Crystal Healing and leads on to part 3. Students must have already attended part 1.

Upon completion of the required homework, students will receive a Student Practitioner Certificate from Cornwall School of Crystal Healing.

It has seven teaching days over three weekends and builds on the theory and practice of Crystal Healing introduced in the Basic Certificate. The spiritual journey deepens as you focus on each chakra individually. This process of self healing and increasing self awareness is not only for personal benefit, but is an essential part of training to become a healer.

This part of the Diploma in Crystal Healing will take place in 2020.



This course is the third and final part of the ACHO accredited Diploma in Crystal Healing. Students must have already attended part 2.

Upon completion of the required homework, students will receive an ACHO accredited Diploma in Crystal Healing from Cornwall School of Crystal Healing.

The Diploma Course has twelve teaching days and takes the work to a much deeper level. We introduce over 30 new crystals and begin to work much more deeply with crystal grids, crystal essences and absent healing. At CSCH we are fortunate to have excellent teaching on the five element system and the meridians. We look at vibrational healing at a much deeper level and consider the relationship between crystals and colour, sound, sacred geometry, much more. As well as continuing with our own healing and that of our clients, we consider our role, and the role of crystals in planetary healing.

This course meets the training standards of the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO), covering the core curriculum and having 180 tutor led hours. 

I am totally confident that anyone who earns a Diploma from Cornwall School of Crystal Healing will have received an excellent healer training and have the ability to be a fully competent practising crystal healer.

Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to read what students have to say about studying with CSCH.



I offer workshops in several crystal related subjects, including Crystal Essence Making, Crystal Grids, Crystal Labyrinths, Shamanic Crystals and support groups for students and ex-students of Cornwall School of Crystal Healing. I also offer weekend, and longer, Crystal Immersions and Retreats. These don't all take place every year, so please pop over to the Diary to see what's currently on offer.



"I have learned so much about crystals, healing, and also myself. Sue is a wonderful teacher who is extremely experienced and knowledgeable. She conveys information in such an infectiously engaging and enthusiastic way. You learn through her experience and knowledge, but also through your own experiences and the experiences of the other people on the course.

The course is well structured with many opportunities for practice in the teaching place, but also through well set out homework exercises that develop knowledge and skill.There is always time for questions which form a key part of the learning process.

An added bonus is the wonderful healing that occurs during the teaching days themselves, and continues between courses. I have grown so much since the start of my first course.

The course notes that accompany the course are clear and easy to understand - so much better than many books you can purchase. These help to support the learning process on the teaching days. I have also found the support away from the teaching place to be invaluable.

For me, the most important thing is the importance that is placed the responsibilities of healing work - only through taking responsibility for our own practice can we work well with our clients. I know that by the time I finish my course, I will be fully trained, and have the relevant experience, knowledge and intuition to work well with future clients. I cannot recommend this course highly enough.”    

I have just completed studying the Crystal Healing course with Sue Weaver at Cornwall School of Crystal Healing. It has been an amazing 3 years of learning and self-development. Sue is a wonderful teacher, sharing her knowledge of crystals and crystal healing, whilst allowing the space to discover for myself the energy of the crystals.

Sue’s approach to teaching gives the perfect balance, covering the required academic element according to the ACHO syllabus, along with experiencing the energy and practical work of the healing. Sue has also added so much more to her course than is required, to ensure that all of her students have the knowledge and ability to practice crystal healing in a confident and authentic manner.

Sue has supported my progress from day 1, giving me the space to go at my own pace but then recognising when my confidence needed that extra boost. I am also grateful for the opportunity to have been able to practice crystal healing at one of the healing events that Sue attends. This helped a lot with my confidence and gave me hands on experience of helping members of the public.

For anyone wishing to learn more about crystal healing, I would recommend the Cornwall School of Crystal Healing. The experience is life changing.


"I would not hesitate in recommending that anyone study crystal healing at the CSCH. Sue Weaver has been inspirational to me in my study. I learned so much about crystal healing, and I can honestly say that it changed my life. Sue is patient, helpful and encouraging. The learning and practice takes place in the crystal barn which is filled with beautiful crystals. Don't be discouraged by the amount of homework and practice. It is necessary to enable you to gain an in-depth personal knowledge of how crystal healing works."

What do you feel you gained from the course:

A hugely increased knowledge of crystals, new friendships and great support, brilliant teaching – a beautiful experience altogether. I LOVE the crystals.

I gained an incredible amount of knowledge about crystals and their healing properties and possibilities – more than I ever thought possible. I also realised that I had chosen absolutely the right path to follow. I appreciate the quality of your teaching and the wonderfully serene ambience of the environment in which we learn undoubtedly contributed to the absolute joy I feel when I am there. I thank you so much for that. It’s rare to feel so safe and nurtured in such a beautiful space.

Huge gift of crystal knowledge and healing.
Greater spiritual development.
Greater sense of wellbeing in myself.
More knowledge of my true self and my pathway in life.

I have learned an enormous amount already (Basic Certificate) – not just about the crystal but about myself. I loved the full support with step by step advice and a like minded group in lovely surroundings. With your help I have gained confidence in my own ability.


" Sue Weaver provides a wonderfully nurturing and inviting environment in which to learn crystal healing. She provides sound practical learning which allows your own transformative healing journey to unfold with the mineral kingdom.  

Through the Professional Diploma in Crystal Healing, I regained my own self confidence which allowed me to move forwards in my life having been 'stuck' for some time. I had studied many other healing disciplines in the past but the Professional Diploma filled in so many of the gaps for me and allowed me to 'blossom' as a healer.

Thanks and blessings to you Sue."


"I studied crystal healing with Sue over ten years ago now and much of the training and the experience of being in the group has stayed with me. The support of working with like minded people who are respectful of our relationship with nature and go gently and receptively to being with the crystal energies has been amazing, as were our joint and individual discoveries along the way.

Crystals are still my friends, guides and teachers and I am still amazed at how the right crystal turns up at exactly the right moment for healing and support. They are a silent radiating presence amongst us - Sue teaches us how to open up our ears and listen."

"The Crystal Healing Training is an amazing life experience and The Cornwall School of Crystal Healing provides a warm, welcoming, supportive safe place to explore and grow.

I have learnt about so many wonderful crystals and their healing properties but I have also been on an incredible life journey through my training. Crystals are powerful friends and the training teaches you how to work together with them to bring about healing and comfort not only for others but for your self also.

As a comprehensive course it covers many other related topics that enhance your understanding of healing and provides you with the skills to become a competent crystal healing practitioner. I can honestly say that I believe I would not be standing here today in this space if it wasn't for all the wonderful healing and experiences that I received."



"The Cornwall School of Crystal Healing supported me to be brave enough to open a door towards a concept of health that encompasses a greater journey than I ever thought was possible. I believe that good quality teachers, who bring awareness to this kind of format are worth their weight in gold and are, frankly, rare.   

Not only do I feel this work and knowledge is essential but it is vital that it is shared in a way that is open, honest, responsible and grounded. In my mind, I have learnt from some of the best teachers because this crystal school values these principles.  

Working with crystals has become the start of a journey which at present brings me to one of my greatest academic challenges,to qualify as a midwife. I could not have held this vision or, belief in my ability without the care, teaching and support that Sue and her team have given me.

It is my belief that whatever path we choose, our first exploration flavours our experience and I am so very, very proud that I began my career with crystal work. I continue to work with them and work within this philosophy of care where ever possible. I hope that somehow I can practice midwifery within a healthcare system that so desperately needs the changes we can offer through holistic care, in the future and I look forward to my return to the CSCH fold in the future. "


" I went on the Crystal Healing Courses and started my training 3 years ago. The courses were really interesting and I learnt a lot about crystals and their healing properties. Sue is a very good teacher and her style of delivery helped make the course content interesting and I wanted to learn more. As a consequence I enrolled on all 3 courses at the Cornwall School of Crystal Healing and wouldn't hesitate to take another course at the School.

"Every moment of study for the crystal healing diploma is a discovery: I learnt about the stones and felt closer to Mother Earth. I learnt that Spirit is always, always there. I learnt about myself and the path I walk. I learnt about giving and loving. 

I am still learning when to strive with courage and when to let go and finally understand that the whole of precious life is about learning – you don't ever reach a place when you've finished. The people you study with meet you on a different plain to that of usual human interaction – and the tears and challenges scrape a deep hole in your being that is far more capable of filling up with joy and laughter. 

Crystals pulse with Spirit and have untold secrets to whisper, they allow you to re-engage with childhood wonder. The process truly changes your life. Morden Farm is a beautiful setting that holds you tenderly as you go through your transformation.  I enjoyed my two years study immensely and felt totally supported throughout.”