Crystals have been used for many thousands of years for their beauty and healing properties.

They transformed my life over 25 years ago, and I have witnessed their effects many hundreds of times. I have introduced crystals to many hundreds of people, and here in Cornwall people call me 'The Crystal Lady'

The small pictures have 'Keywords' and below you can find more information about the energies of a selection of crystals.




bring theIR healing AND BEAUTY into your life



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The words below are my own - not taken from any book or website! They come from both my own personal experience, and that of my students, collected over many years.

I share them with love, in the hope that they might help you to find peace and balance, inspiration and happiness, and assist in spiritual awakening.

They are suggestions for self-help and not intended to replace medical treatment


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AMETHYST - for a calm mind, spiritual growth and transformation


Amethyst is a quartz crystal that varies from pale lavender to deep purple. It can be used in times of stress to still a busy, anxious mind, & to relieve insomnia, tension headaches & general physical pain.

Often called the “Spiritual Stone”, it is excellent for meditation & spiritual growth. It is a stone of transformation & can assist in times of change, & be a great comfort in times of grief. It can give support to a weakened immune system, & help with addictive behaviour.

Wear in jewellery, carry or hold amethyst to still your mind. Place under your pillow to help you sleep.

Amethyst crystals and crystal clusters are  beautiful and will enhance any room. You can also place by computers, wifi routers, televisions, microwave ovens, etc. to neutralise electromagnetic energies.



AQUAMARINE - to go with the flow


Aquamarine a pale blue-green member of the Beryl family of crystals. (Emerald is green Beryl.) It brings calmness and peace, helps us to ‘go with the flow’, and release anxiety, fears and phobias.  It is a purifier and protects against pollution. 

I have found Aquamarine to help with fluid retention, throat infections and swollen glands, thyroid imbalance and eye problems.  Aquamarine brings clarity and increases perception, intuition and self-expression.  It can help us to express our truth, even when this may be a challenge, and assist us to stay calm and focussed under pressure.


GREEN AVENTURINE - for balance and new beginnings


Green Aventurine is a soft, pale green Quartz with flecks of sparkly Mica.

It’s primary energy is that of balance. Because of the colour, it has traditionally been associated with the Heart Chakra, but it is a good all round healer on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels for people of all ages. It is excellent for calming anger and soothing a wounded heart; it is an aid in stressful times and a good, all-round general healer, bringing peace and comfort.

Green Aventurine brings the energy of early spring – new buds unfurling and daffodils! It is an excellent ally for all new beginnings – new homes, new relationships, new projects, new jobs, etc. It has an youthful quality, and is often attractive to children. For those who feel inclined, Green Aventurine can assist in connecting with the faery beings.

BLOODSTONE - to detox and nourish the physical body

BLOODSTONE - to detox and nourish the physical body


Bloodstone is a dark green opaque quartz with red flecks.  It is grounding, but not in a heavy way. 

It is an excellent healer and detoxifier for the physical body, especially for blood disorders and liver problems.  It is also very useful to provide support and stability and to increase energy when compromised.  If you are feeling low following illness, and need a 'tonic', bloodstone might be just what you need.

I have found that bloodstone has helped with infertility on many occasions.

BLUE LACE AGATE - for peace and self-expression

BLUE LACE AGATE - for peace and self-expression


Blue lace agate is an opaque pale blue banded quartz.  It has a very peaceful, calming and cooling energy, and can give a feeling of space and freedom.  It can help with “hot” conditions, such as fevers, infections, inflammation and temper, and can help soothe painful joints. 

It is a gentle energy which resonates well with children and sensitive, shy, introverted adults.  It can help us to speak out when we feel afraid to express our needs or opinions, and if we need to speak in public.  It can also help to find distance, or a sense of perspective, when feeling overwhelmed.

This is one of my favourite stones, and I love to wear a necklace to take my attention from daily troubles and remind me of the vastness of creation. Try holding or carrying blue lace agate when you feel stressed or overwhelmed, or need to express your needs in a calm way. Wear a piece if you have an interview or to speak in public.

BLUE CALCITE - to calm and soothe fear, anger, overwhelm

BLUE CALCITE - to calm and soothe fear, anger, overwhelm


Blue Calcite is a lovely, gentle, serene colour that reflects the energy perfectly.

As with all the calcite family, its action is gentle yet deep. Blue Calcite is wonderfully calming, and soothing, especially when there is anger, agitation, confusion or a feeling of being overwhelmed. It wraps you up in a gentle blanket of peace and calm.

It is my stone of first choice when babies and children are over-tired, over-stimulated, fussy and irritable, and can't settle, switch off and go to sleep.

Calcite is a soft mineral, and is seldom made into jewellery. It is easily scratched by other crystals and coins in purses and pockets, so you need to treat it with care. It is good to incorporate in a charm for a child's bedroom.

CARNELIAN - for joyful creativity and ancestral wisdom

CARNELIAN - for joyful creativity and ancestral wisdom


Carnelian is a variety of quartz, sometimes called Orange Agate, which ranges from pale peachy orange to deep brown-orange.

It carries the combined energies of Earth and Fire, and is warming and energising. It enhances creativity on all levels, and has a particular affinity with the sacral chakra. It can help us to connect with ancestral wisdom held deep within Mother Earth. It supports women to be strong, creative, confident, and in touch with their true feminine power, and helps men to know and understand the deep ancient wisdom of the Divine Feminine within themselves, the women around them, and the Earth.

Wear in jewellery or carry with you.

CITRINE - for joy, optimism and self-esteem

CITRINE - for joy, optimism and self-esteem


Citrine is yellow/gold quartz.  It is bright and happy, encouraging positivity, optimism and joy.  It helps us to be in touch with creativity on all levels, including the way we manifest our lives.  Because of this it has gained the reputation of being a “Stone of Success” or a “Prosperity Stone", and people often carry a piece in their purse or wallet. 

People hold stress in different parts of their bodies, and for those who suffer from stress-related digestive problems, where the energy is blocked or seized up, citrine can be an excellent help to get things moving. I don't recommend it for overactive conditions, however. To soothe the digestive system, try Green Calcite.

Citrine is a great crystal ally for seasonal affective disorder, as it brings sunshine energy in deepest winter. In years when we have very little sunshine, work with citrine to remain positive and avoid feeling gloomy.

Wear citrine in jewellery; carry it in your purse or pocket. Have some in the Feng Shui wealth area of your home.

RED GARNET - for passion and drive to get things done

RED GARNET - for passion and drive to get things done


Garnet is a powerful crystal that increases life force energy while bringing positivity, confidence and determination to get things done. If you have been avoiding tackling things that need to be done or putting up with things you know are not good for you – pick up a Garnet to bring the energy needed and deal with it.

Garnet is also excellent for increasing passion for life, and passion in love.

It can, however, be overpowering for some people, especially if they are not robust. Although it increases energy, it can be too strong when people are very depleted, so is not good for convalescence. Avoid if you have high blood pressure.

Wear as jewellery, or carry a tumblestone or small crystal with you.

HEMATITE - strongly grounding, protective, for shock

HEMATITE - strongly grounding, protective, for shock


Hematite is iron ore and often comes in a greyish metallic mass that looks like solid bubbles and leaves a red dust (rust!) residue.  You are most likely to come across it as a silver, polished stone. 

It is the most effective energy that I know for grounding, and can also be used for protection.  It is an excellent help for the effects of shock, following accidents and operations, and can help to stabilise in times of extreme stress. 

In my experience, hematite is a stone that seems to elicit strong feelings of compatibility/non-compatibility -  you are either a hematite person or not!  If hematite resonates with you, it is an amazing ally and gives comfort, strength and support in many situations.

I wear anklets when flying and also use to help with Jet Lag, and also use for shielding if I need strong protection.  

LABRADORITE - mystery, magic and divine connection

LABRADORITE - mystery, magic and divine connection


Labradorite is a mysterious stone. At first glance it may seem to be fairly dull and non-descript, but a closer look reveals a beautiful play of light in stunning colours, ranging from purple and blue to green,pink and gold.

Labradorite teaches about the mystery and magic of Creation, awakening psychic perception and opening us to greater understanding and wisdom. It is wonderful for meditation, dreaming, shamanic journeying.

Labradorite connects the Heart with the Divine/Goddess/God, and reminds us that we are much more than our physical selves.  It is lovelyYou can place on the solar plexus to remember the connection at a feeling level; place on the heart chakra to remember the connection at an inner knowing level; place on the brow to remember this connection at a seeing/understanding level. My favourite place for Labradorite is at the level of the Thymus Chakra/Higher Heart, which lies between the Heart and Throat Centres, so a necklace or pendant is excellent.

LEPIDOLITE - to ease stress, anxiety and depression

LEPIDOLITE - to ease stress, anxiety and depression


Lepidolite varies from rose pink to lavender, lilac and purple with sparkly mica 'flakes'.

It is a peaceful stone, dispelling worries and bringing calmness and serenity.  It soothes ruffled emotions and has been used for stress, anxiety and depression. It is a perfect ally when you are feeling ‘frazzled’.

Lepidolite is a good stone for meditation and spiritual awareness, and for helping to bring a higher perspective to challenging situations.

Wear lepidolite in jewellery or carry to help balance emotions, especially in times of stress. Hold a piece during meditation.

MALACHITE - for joint pain and deep, stuck emotion

MALACHITE - for joint pain and deep, stuck emotion


Malachite is a bright green copper mineral with bands and rings of paler green. It has been used very successfully to alleviate arthritic joint pain.

The action can be quite strong. It is has a powerful transformative energy, and can assist in clearing energies that have been stuck for a long time.  It can help to clear long term heartache and deep seated grief that has not been able to release.

It has a strong link with nature, and this can bring support if the experience of release is challenging. Alternatively, work with malachite and rose quartz together.

Wear and jewellery, or carry a piece in your pocket. Take care with this stone, as it is quite soft and will lose its beauty if it is scratched by coins or harder crystals such as the quartzes.

MOONSTONE - hormonal and emotional balance

MOONSTONE - hormonal and emotional balance


Moonstone is a pearly white feldspar that helps us to align with, and flow with, all the cycles of life. It has a strong affinity with the emotions, and is calming and soothing.

It is excellent for women at all stages of life, balancing hormonal upsets, helping with ‘PMS’, painful menstruation, infertility, challenges of pregnancy, easing birth, for post birth support and for menopause. Moonstone reminds women of their divinity – that all are goddesses.

For men, moonstone can help them to balance their inner feminine, and to love the goddess in the Earth and all women. 

Wear in jewellery or carry a tumblestone with you to soothe emotions, balance hormones and connect with the divine feminine.

MOSS AGATE - nature connection, for gardeners

MOSS AGATE - nature connection, for gardeners


Moss Agate is variety of milky white or clear quartz with green inclusions of iron or manganese that look like moss or lichen. It is a stone of ‘As Above, So Below’, linking heaven and earth, spirit and body, and thus bringing stability, balance and harmony.

It is good for those recovering from illness, helping to build strength once more. It can also help sensitive people, especially those who are affected by environmental toxins. It can also help when there are toxic relationships in one’s life – helping to protect and heal the heart, while dealing with day to day experiences.

Moss agate has long been known as a stone for gardeners, and is associated with growth of all kinds. In my experience it is a lovely aid to connect with the magic of the plant kingdom – the devas and nature spirits – as well as the physical plants themselves.

QUARTZ - for clarity, balance and overall wellbeing,nd alignment

QUARTZ - for clarity, balance and overall wellbeing,nd alignment


Clear or colourless quartz can be totally transparent and glass-like, or have beautiful internal patterns and rainbows. It brings clarity, balance, alignment & harmony. It activates all systems of the body & all levels of consciousness.

For some people it can help to increase vitality when they lack energy or feel low; for others it can bring calmness and a feeling of wellbeing. It clears blockages & limitations at all levels of Being, protects against unwanted energies, increases awareness & promotes spiritual growth. It amplifies thought-forms, prayers & the effects of all other crystals, & can focus & enhance other forms of healing.

Wear in jewellery or carry a quartz crystal or tumblestone in your pocket to bring light and clarity into your day.


RHODONITE - for grounded love and support


Rhodonite is an opaque pink crystal with grey or black 'veins'. It brings the energy of love into day-to-day living - a practical, no nonsense love; a parental love that has the courage to say no; a balanced masculine, father love.

It is gently grounding. It gives practical support, reduces stress and brings self esteem and confidence. It can help you to work towards attaining your needs whilst remaining loving and open. 

Wear rhodonite  in jewellery or carry a tumblestone to bring no-nonsense loving support. 

ROSE QUARTZ - for love and emotional healing

ROSE QUARTZ - for love and emotional healing


Rose quartz is translucent pink quartz, often called "The Love Stone", as it opens the heart to give and receive love.  It can provide gentle, loving support to anyone, however old or young, well or strong, in happy or challenging times.  It is calming and soothing, especially for emotional problems, heartache or stress. 

Rose quartz can be used to heal all emotional pain, whether from current experience or deep-seated issues from the past.  This crystal can provide the loving support needed, enabling one to dare to release emotional pain from the energy body. 

Wear in jewellery or carry a rose quartz tumblestone for love and emotional support. Put a piece in water to wash your face, or several pieces in your bath.


SELENITE - for expanded awareness and spiritual transformation


Selenite is transparent to translucent white gypsum, named for the Moon Goddess Selene. These tumblestones are a form of gypsum/selenite known as Satin Spar, which has many long, fine fibres.

Selenite carries a high frequency of white light and holds a very powerful healing energy. It is a very spiritual stone, clarifying thought and expanding awareness on all levels. It can be of assistance in connecting with higher guidance – one’s Higher Self, Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides.

Selenite can clear and cleanse the energy bodies, dissolving blockages in the aura. It brings the highest levels of spiritual information to the physical level and can change the nature of physical form. It prepares the way for a quantum leap and healing on all levels.

Please be aware that Selenite may dissolve when wet, so it is important to use a method of cleansing that does not involve water.

Selenite is seldom made into jewellery, or carried around, due to its softness. Sit quietly and hold a piece, or have it on your table or desk.

SMOKY QUARTZ - for release and gentle grounding

SMOKY QUARTZ - for release and gentle grounding


Smoky quartz is transparent to translucent grey/brown/black quartz.  It helps to ground in a gentle way, and to accept, enjoy and find pleasure in life and in our physical bodies.  It helps to release negative energies on all levels and replace them with positive energies. It can help with bruising, sprains, infection, physical, emotional and mental pain, stress and confusion.  It can assist in going within and releasing old patterns of energy and giving encouragement to go forward to new experiences. 

Smoky quartz can be a great help to people who  need grounding or are “spaced out”.

Wear in jewellery or carry to help you ground and connect with Mother Earth.

Hold smoky quartz at the end of a stressful day, and thank it for helping to release any unwanted energies.

SODALITE - very calming, to step back and see the bigger picture

SODALITE - very calming, to step back and see the bigger picture


Sodalite is very calming, even sedative, and can help panic attacks.  It is deep and strong, slowing everything down, bringing order from chaos and encouraging rational thought and objectivity.  It expands perceptions beyond the mundane, and can increase psychic awareness, help with vision and shamanic journeying.

Hold, wear a piece, or carry it with you. You can lie down and rest a piece on your brow to facilitate visualisations or shamanic journeys. Pop a piece under your pillow.

Personally, I would not use with people who are depressed.

TIGER'S EYE - for strength, stamina, determination and self-belief

TIGER'S EYE - for strength, stamina, determination and self-belief


Tiger’s Eye is a golden brown quartz with parallel inclusions forming sparkly bands. 

It is one of the main stones for manifestation, helping to bring inspiration into manifestation – to bring our ideas into reality. It has a strong male energy, bringing strength and stamina. It is a positive, practical stone, bringing focus, determination and self-belief. It is good for helping 'spaced out' people to get things done.

We have found that Tiger’s Eye has been helpful to some people with asthma. 

Wear as jewellery, or carry with you.

Turquoise - all round healer bringing balance and wellbeing

Turquoise - all round healer bringing balance and wellbeing


Turquoise is a wonderful healing stone that has been used for many thousands of years.  It acts on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, bringing peace, balance and protection. Physically, it is a powerful but gentle healer, supporting the immune system and bringing rejuvenation; emotionally and mentally it brings a sense of calm well-being and aids clear, courageous and truthful communication. Combining the frequencies of blue and green, it connects us with both heaven and earth, and balances our masculine and feminine energies.

Wear as jewellery, or carry in a small pouch to protect from harder substances. 


BLACK TOURMALINE - excellent protective stone,


Black Tourmaline is excellent for grounding and aligning our energies when they are compromised. In my experience it is the most effective crystal for protection. It protects the energy field from all unwanted influences. Whether you are going into a challenging situation, working daily in stressful conditions, living surrounded by busyness with little contact with nature to help you align, dealing with unpleasant people, exposed to toxic energies from environmental pollutants, black tourmaline can be an excellent ally.

Black Tourmaline can also help to ground your own negative emotions and thoughtforms, so it is ideal to use if you are angry, anxious, or feeling low due to internal criticism. It can also be very helpful following travel, to ground you into the new place you find yourself in.

Wear in jewellery, or carry with you. Have a piece on or by your mobile phone to help protect from harmful radiation.

Because of what it does, Black Tourmaline needs a lot of cleansing, and appreciates a good, long bath.

UNAKITE - stone of the heart and of nature

UNAKITE - stone of the heart and of nature


Unakite is a lovely pink and green granite-like stone. The pink is feldspar and the green is epidote, and the two blend together to create a beautiful stone that resonates with the heart centre and brings balance.

It has an energy of love, but this is not personal, romantic, or any love between humans. This stone helps us to connect with the natural world at a spiritual level, and remind us of our place in the circle of life. It can help to dispel daily worries and put things in perspective. 

If you feel drawn to meet with the devas of the flowers, the herbs, the mosses, the ponds and streams and rocks, try meditating with Unakite. If you feel disconnected from Life, place a Unakite Heart on your Heart Centre and ask to be shown how to remember that you are a part of all that is.